Actress Devshi Khanduri to play Muslim girl in the movie “Khel To Abb Shur Hoga”

A challenging Muslim girl role to play by legendary Dev Anand's last talented and beautiful discovered actress, Actress Devshi Khanduri is pretty excited about her next bollwood Hindi movie opposite Ruslaan Mumtaaz named Khel toh Ab shuru Hoga.  Playing lead opposite Ruslaan for the first time, she finds her co actor dedicated and hardworking. Both of them are working constantantly on their on screen chemistry.  

Our actors portray their respective characters flawlessly on-screen. This time Dev Anand Sahab film Chargesheet fame actress Devshi Khanduri will be seen in her new avatar. She had signed a movie opposite Ruslaan Mumtaaz where she is playing a character of Simple Muslim Girl. To be a comfortable on set both star Ruslan and Devshi are spending their time together while doing workout in gym. The film, which revolves around a bank robbery, is directed by Marathi filmmaker Kunal Singh and produced by Mahesh Narula. The film is currently being shot in Lucknow.

Devshi khanduri is so excited to play simple Muslim girl in this film, she said, “I am playing innocent indian Muslim girl very first time in career. Best part about my role is it has different shades and variations and a lot of scope in performance.

Actress Devshi Khanduri, who was discovered by Dev Anand and has appeared in the films ‘Taj’ and ‘Chargesheet’ she has done a number of music videos  Kiss Me, Dil Di Chabi, you are my love, Belibaas. Her video Dil De Chabi got featured in Rumi world music awards 2015 USA.

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