I had jitters in my stomach when I shot with Madhuri Dixit for So You Think You Can Dance says Mouni Roy

Television’s most popular face Mouni Roy is all set to show off her best moves as she gets ready to host the world’s biggest dance show &TV’s So You Think You Can Dance ‘Ab India Ki Baari’.  The actress is also talented dancer and that shall be fun to watch when we will see her dancing to Madhuri’s tunes.

1.    Have you watched the international version of SYTYCD?
Yes, I have watched a couple of episodes and I must admit they had some phenomenal talent. It’s amazing to watch the contestants groove to the music so seamlessly.

2.    This is your first show as a host. How excited or nervous are you?
I am equally excited and nervous. It’s my first show as a host so there is a lot of excitement to experience this new phase in my career. Nervous because I hope the audience likes me as a host and I am able to live up to their expectations.

3.    As a host, what were the preparations that you had to do?
As a kid I was really good in public speaking during my school days. I love connecting with the audience and talking to them. And also, I have a terrific co-host like Rithvik who is fabulous with his timing so we hit off really well.

4.    What will you define yourself as - A stage dancer or a street dancer?
I love dancing but if I had to choose between stage or street, I will tag myself as a stage dancer because I am trained in Kathak. 

5.    This will be the first time we will see you and Rithvik together on screen, what can the audience expect from the two of you?
We had a lot of fun shooting together and I hope our chemistry resonates on-screen as well.  The audience can expect a lot of fun and entertainment from the two of us.

6.    We have heard that you really admire Madhuri, how does it feel sharing screen space with a diva like her?
It is an honor to share screen space with her. Since childhood I have seen her movies and I love the way she dances and carries herself. I had jitters in my stomach when we shot together.

7.    Tell us a bit about your look on the show. We have heard Sonakshi Raj has designed your costumes?
Yes, Sonakshi Raaj did design one of my costumes. The look will mostly involve summer colours in my outfits. The look will infuse touches of stage and street concept hence I won’t be wearing any traditional outfits.

8.    We have heard that you had a tough time dealing with Balaji Productions and Colors team when you were about to sign for SYTYCD? Your take on it?
All’s well that ends well correct? Things have sorted it and I am very much a part of the show.

9.    When are you and Mohit Raina getting married?
This is not the right platform to discuss my personal life.

10. Will you be a part of Naagin season 2?
I am overwhelmed by the love the audience has showered upon me. I would love to play the character again but that depends on the makers of the show if they want me back (smiles)

11. Tell us something about your upcoming shows/projects.
Right now I am only focusing on the show and I really want to do my best as a host

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