Namik Paul is my selfie stick – Nikita Dutta

 Selfie trend has taken over social media, and the fever seems to be spreading rampant across actors too. The latest to join the selfie craze is none other than the cast of Sony Entertainment Televisions newly launched show Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.

Apparently, the lead protagonist Nikita Dutta aka Suman is the selfie queen on the sets of the show. However, she always wanted a selfie stick but couldn’t get one, but now she has found her selfie stick on the sets. Yes, Nikita has found her selfie stick in none other than her co-star Namik Paul aka Shravan.

They both keep sharing their candid captures for their fans, keeping them updated as to what they are up to between the shoots or when not working. Because of Nikita, Namik is now often chased by all the co-stars to turn a selfie stick for capturing the special moments of them together. He is usually referred as selfie stick on the sets too.

On the same, Nikita says, ‘‘Selfie is referred to the new age 'autograph' for our fans now a days! Also, I like clicking selfies. Working in Ek Duje Ke Vaaste has been more fun for me as I have got a unique selfie stick on the sets. We don’t have to struggle for a selfie stick as we have it always ready in the form of Namik. Whenever I’m on set and clicking selfie’s its incomplete without my selfie stick’’.

To watch the phenomenal performance of Nikita Dutta and Namik Paul as Suman and Shravan respectively, tune in to Ek Duje Ke Vaste from Monday to Friday at 10pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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