Vasant plays the balancing act between Varsha and Premlata!

Premlata (Pariva Pranati) has settled in Sunshine colony in the Ghotala house and is leading a life of an ideal Indian housewife. Vasant (Sumeet Raghavan) has accepted her as his wife and dreams about having a small happy family, however he comes back to reality whenever he is faced with Varsha (Rupali Bhosale).

Meanwhile Manav (Pradeep Duhan), Anna (Bhavna Khatri) and Sharad (Vinay Rohrra) are on a mission to locate Vasant’s look alike who is Premlata’s real husband and come across various people. They first meet a fashion designer who is very feminine in his behaviour which is completely opposite to Vasant’s personality. They also come across a typical village farmer with a rowdy wife in one of the small towns of Maharashtra. On the other hand Premlata who has quite settled at the Ghotala’s soon stumbles upon the truth about the Ghotala’s true identity and rushes to inform Bhadresh (Krunal Pandit), Ojha (Deepak Pareek) and Chandrabhan. She tells them about an alien visit to their village, where she encountered two green coloured aliens, Bhadresh now suspects that the alien visit has got to do something with the whole confusion about Vasant marrying Premlata.

Will Manav, Anna, Sharad and Bhadresh unearth the truth behind this confusion?

Rupali Bhosale who plays Varsha Ghotala said, “Varsha is distressed as Premlata has stationed herself at the Ghotala’s and she is feeling helpless. Vasant too has decided to accept his fate and accept her as his wife. However Bhadresh soon comes up with a theory where he suspects that Vasant has a look alike who is Premlata’s real husband.”

Tune in to Badi Dooor Se Aaye Hai every Monday to Friday 9:30 pm only on SAB TV!

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