Sabdhani Coaching is giving Discount on fees on the occasion of Women's Day

Special Discount for Womens on the occasion of International Women's Day in Sabdhani Coaching Institute. Now every step will lead to success" From February 25 to March 8, all women / girls will get the benefit of all classes conducted in Sabdhani coaching for a 6 months in Minimum fee of 1900 / - in place of a Total fee of 5900 / -Sabdhani Coaching has fulfilled their government job dream by giving admission to women / girls at minimum fees on the occasion of Women's Day every year.Anand Sabdhani, the director of Sabdhaani Coaching, said, "When a son is educated in a family, he educated only one family but when a daughter is educated, she educated two families."

The Sabdhani Coaching Institute is once again taking a historic initiative with the objective of making Bhopal and the state women empowered and self-reliant in government jobs by holding some similar feelings in mind.

Special Discount for Womens. This scheme will be applicable till March 8, 2020 in all the five P&T Charaha, Lalghati, Ashoka Gardens, MP Nagar and Gulmohar branches of Sabdhaani Coaching. Under this, students taking admission will also get facilities like library, computer lab, books, smart class, douout session, interview etc.

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