how to show mobile number in Facebook ads

Are you trying to create an ad from Facebook, Basically you need to create Image Carousel with call to action directed to CALL mobile number. But Image Carousel option is available only in option - Get more website visitors. If you use those option it requires a web address to promote but your aim is to direct to mobile number.

The Carousel ad format allows you to create a visual story for business, products and services. Each card can send customers to different aspects of your website. So, that you can drive traffic to multiple areas on your website with one ad.

As a link is required for each card, you wouldn't be able to do this for a call now CTA button. However, you can try using a slideshow which is also an engaging format for viewers.

You can use a slideshow to tell a story that develops overtime with the images. It is just as creative and compelling as a Carousel format.

I will leave links with more information on both Carousel and slideshow ads:
I hope this helps
- Luke

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